two red flags


TWO RED FLAGS, Ludwigskirche Munich, 2016

size: each 12m x 3m
material: print on fabric

The public installation „TWO RED FLAGS“ is firstly a formal reference to the red colored background of gold when it’s used on icons. At the same time red and gold-yellow are the colors of the communist flag. The two flags are placed at the towers of the Ludwigskirche next to Munichs Ludwig Maximilians Univerity and the Ludwigstraße – one of the most frequented streets in the city. Through their signal effect and their monumentality, the flags are very attractive to look at. At the second sight the text placed on the flags asks “Are you keeping your eyes closed?” with the first flag and answers “Keep them shut” with the second. The result is a mismatch of form and content. This work is a reference to the platonic metaphysics and the state between sleep and waking, the state of coincident consciousness and unconscious as a structure of constituting reality.