in d

graduation show, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, 2019

In D: Variations on Solo Instruments

graduation show, Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 2019
installation and sound performance performed and produced by Lobo and Kalas Liebfried

massive concrete casts, pickups, strings, tuning machines, plexiglas, four half stacks, acoustic foam, plaster casts, microphone stands, e-bows, metal fingerpicks, glass bottle neck, neon yellow ear plugs

Photos by Mathias R. Zausinger

In D – Lexicon

DULL: The weather is foggy and dull.

DEAF: Note. Tonight’s concert is very loud, ear plugs are highly recommended.

DOIT: A note that slides to an indefinite pitch chromatically upwards.

DONE: As my work here is done, I am leaving.

DOOM: Slow tempo and heaviness, long-duration tones, a large amount of reverb and audio feedback.

DROP: When tension is released and the beat kicks in, releasing the enormous energy accrued during the progression, after the momentum built, the pitch rising, the tension mounting, bigger, louder, until suddenly – the drop.

DUST: A thick layer of dust and dirt had to be removed from the studio floor. Some of it remained as part of its natural ambient.

DANCE: Any physical movements done to music or non-music.

DECAY: The physical process by which a sound gradually disappears from the audible spectrum until it no longer exists. It’s the time that it takes for a note to die away once the potential trigger has stopped producing the sound. The sound waves dissipate in much the same manner as waves produced by tossing a stone in a pond.

DEEST: From the Latin deesse, meaning „to be absent“. Quid deest hic?

DELAY: A signal which comes from a source and then is delayed by a tape machine or delay device and can be mixed with the original (non-delayed) signal to make it sound fuller or create echo effects.

DRAIN: Your ears may become drains when the sound floods this ambient.

DRIVE: The distortion that occurs when a tube amplifier is pushed to its limits.

DRONE: An unchanging pitch that is held beneath a melody and so serves as an aural reference point.

DECLINE: I decline any individual character which could be associated with this work.

DYNAMIC: Indeed, dynamical systems operate best at this dangerous and delicate harmony: A functioning system would collapse under either of the two possibilities – pure chaos would destroy just as readily as pure cosmos, for to function a system needs order and predictability (cosmos), but to be able to adapt to novel, unforeseen situations a system needs to experiment with untried, uncommon methods (chaos).

DOWNBEAT: Opposite of ‚upbeat‘.

DREAMING: I had thought about cocaine in a kind of day-dream.

DURATION: 18 minutes, minimum.

DISSONANCE: We will hear different and dissonant styles of speaking and they will spawn endless confusions between them.

DOWNTEMPO: A slow, moody, or decreased tempo or played or done in such a tempo. See ‚downbeat‘.

DIMINUENDO: A directive to a performer to smoothly decrease the volume of the specific passage of a composition.

DISTORTION: Strong winds can cause signal distortion or a difference between the output and input signals in an overloaded amplifier.

DEMOLITION: See ‚destruction‘.

DOMINATION: The individual, with his identity and characteristics, is the product of a relation of power exercised over bodies, multiplicities, movements, desires, forces.

DESTRUCTION: See ‚demolition‘

DECONSTRUCTION: A stratocaster guitar has been deconstructed, moulded and casted in concrete. The cast became a prototype of this 20th century icon for male genius, while symbolizing the rejection of this concept.