circulation et extinction

Sound performance at Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris
In resonance to “Joseph Beuys: Linge à linge, feuille à feuille”
feat. Rozenn le Trionnaire (clarinet)

full lenght video documentation

Circulation et Extinction was staged as an interactive sound performance for solo clarinet and bird whistle in resonance to the exhibition Joseph Beuys. Ligne à ligne, feuille à feuille at Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. The performance deals with the extinction of endangered bird species and the silencing of numerous natural habitats as an expected result of this ecological disaster. A field of tension is created between the circulation and extinction of sounds, in which each individual can see itself as a dynamic unit.
All visitors received a ceramic bird whistle filled with water as well as an instruction manual. The manual encourages sound interaction – both with the other visitors and with a clarinettist performing a choreography through the exhibition. Between the individual movements, space is created for interaction and performative gestures: A chorus of bird whistles rises up and creates the image of a dissonantly vibrating forest. 


Our forests will soon be immersed in silence
And wings will flap as an echo in our minds.
There ain’t no lek, no songs of victory,
No screeching in the bushes, no begging on the shore.

Leave your camouflage clothes in your closet. 
There is no longer a reason to obscure your breath,
No reason to conceal your observing presence 
In a swashbuckling wildlife scenario.

Blow your whistle, play a descent tune 
But mind, there is nobody listening to your
Beep-beep-boom and your chat-cheep-chatter.
No responding kut-kut-kut or a joyful flutter.

Photography by Alfredo Piola