contrapunctus 1905

26 min, Ultra HD (4K), color, stereo sound, 2017

„Contrapunctus 1905“ is an aesthetical reinterpretation of the first Russian Revolution (1905) and Sergej Eisensteins movie „Battleship Potemkin“ (1926). This movie is trying to reset the sensual perceptive state of this significant historical event through dance, music and narration as a contemporary counterpoint.

Written and directed by Kalas Liebfried
Director of photography: Mathias R. Zausinger
Second camera: Lionel Behrends
Montage: Kalas Liebfried
Choreography and dance: Jan Struckmeier
Narrator: Anna Nachaeva
Performance: Danijel Szeredy and Yoshi Goldberg
Postproduction: Reitz Medien, Munich

Composed by Kalas Liebfried
Produced by Miko Watanabe, Simon Lobenhofer and Kalas Liebfried
Recorded at Weltraum Studios and Kraftraum, Munich
Mixing and mastering: Simon Lobenhofer
Played by:
Bastien Rieser (trompet)
Miko Watanabe (drums)
Kalas Liebfried (synth, bass, guitar)
Simon Lobenhofer (synth, drum machine)

an YUTANOVA FILM production