ambient variations

Ambient Variations for a Bunker, sound performance, 37 min., at BNKR, Munich, 2018

„… a music which will be part of the noises of the environment, will take them into consideration. I think of it as melodious, softening the noises of the knives and forks at dinner, not dominating them, not imposing itself. It would fill up those heavy silences that sometime fall between friends dining together. It would spare them the trouble of paying attention to their own banal remarks. And at the same time it would neutralize the street noises which so indiscreetly enter into the play of conversation. To make such music would be to respond to a need.“ (Erik Satie)

Being in a bunker means being encapsulated from the events and rumors of the outer world. Its spaces retain every sound, they reflect it, until it disperses and looses itself. The thick walls keep away the happenings of the surrounding area, of the ambient. And if the sound reaches the auditor he perceives it as a distant hum: rather as a vague idea than an definite knowing.  The sound performance “Ambient Variations for a Bunker” aims to outline this locked condition of the architecture of a bunker acoustically and visually. How does a music sound, which becomes “part of the noises of the environment” (following Erik Satie), if they are only assumable? The focus shifts to the people which enter this locked space coming from the outside, bringing in the noises of their bodies and the rumors of the surrounding kept in their minds. The performance occurs as a processual and participative recording session during the whole day and passes over in its own staging through the blue hour.

The score for the sound performance is based on photohraphs from the 1950s which show the progress of demolishing a high-rise bunker in Ludwigshafen, West-Germany.  The sound performance was staged in a former high-rise bunker in Munich, which is a space for art and architecture now.


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„Variations for Juno“ is an ambient EP created and recorded solely with the Roland Juno 60 during a cold winter sunday in February 2018. The original low-fi sound of the classic 1982 synthesizer is left copletely unprocessed. Every single track has been performed live.