IN 2018

9 NOV, 7 pm: CORPS-Á-CORPS feat. MC Nancy, listening session
@Kunstverein München

‚Corps-á-corps‘ is the French expression for close fighting. Literally it means ‚body-to-body‘: the close relation between individual bodies as well as their singular physical and mental condition of being a collection of „items, pieces, limbs, areas, shapes, functions. Heads, gristles, burns, tendernesses, splashes, sleep“ – corpus corporum.
Kalas Liebfried‘s electronic music piece and essayistic album named after that phrase is based on Jean-Luc Nancy‘s aphorism collection „58 indices sur le corps“ (engl. „58 indices on the body“) which tries to explore the way we can negotiate and perceive the „pieces, areas, fragments“ of what we call a body. Kalas Liebfried uses found footage material of Jean-Luc Nancy reading the indices and transforms his voice into the verses of a MC who is ready to set a dancing crowd into a dionysian flush.

CORPS-Á-CORPS feat. MC Nancy, double LP, 2018
co-produced and mixed by LOBO @ Kraftraum 404
additional recordings by Mathias R. Zausinger (sax) and Miko Watanabe (jazz drums, tamtam)


19 – 22 OCT: RADIO, LIVE TRANSITION, solo show
@Hinterconti, Hamburg

opening: 19 Oct, 7 pm

We are in a constant state of change, in a continuous transition of aggregate conditions: the liquid lava becomes solid, wakefulness follows sleep – the unconscious leaves its traces in the conscious. The medium functions as a threshold of these metamorphosis, it allows the shift. A live transmission occurs. A blurry voice rings out of the medium wave noise: „You are sleeping. You do not want to believe. You are sleeping…“ Ein Durchbruch. A breakthrough. The inaudible becomes audible: „Radio, live transition.

For the exhibition „Radio, live transition“ at Hinterconti Hamburg Kalas Liebfried shows an extensive installation with sound works and objects as well as his new video work „Watchman:“ which deals with the moment of waking up suddenly.




New Sound

Out now: VARIATIONS FOR JUNO, an ambient EP 

artist talk 

Artist talk with Michael Schmidt @ Nir Altman Galerie Munich