IN 2018


Corps á Corps

premiere: October 2018 @tba

‚Corps á corps‘ is the French expression for close fighting. Translated literally
it means ‚body-to-body‘: the close relation between individual bodies as well as
their singular physical and mental condition of being a collection of „items,
pieces, limbs, areas, shapes, functions. Heads, gristles, burns, tendernesses, splas-
hes, sleep“ – corpus corporum.
Kalas Liebfried‘s electronic music work and essayistic album named after that
phrase is based on Jean-Luc Nancy‘s aphorism collection „58 indices sur le corps“
(engl. „58 indices on the body“, 2004) which tries to explore the way we can ne-
gotiate and perceive the „pieces, areas, fragments“ of what we call a body. Kalas
Liebfried uses found footage material of Jean-Luc Nancy reading the indices and
transforms his voice into the verses of a MC who is ready to set a dancing crowd
into a dionysian flush.




New Sound

Out now: VARIATIONS FOR JUNO, an ambient EP 

artist talk 

Artist talk with Michael Schmidt @ Nir Altman Galerie Munich