curated by Rosanna Marie Pondorf, Simon Sternal, Kalas Liebfried
@space.rosastern Munich
with contributions by various artists, curators and writers.



RADIO-AKTIVITÄT, group show at Lenbachhaus, Munich

Assoziation Revolutionärer Bildender Künstler Deutschlands (ARBKD)Tomaso Binga, Cashmere Radio Berlin, Betty Danon, Isa Genzken, Gruppe SPUR, Kurt Günther, Wilhelm Heise, Ralf Homann/Manuela Unverdorben, Institute for Computational Vandalism, Jacqueline de Jong, Laboratorio P, Katrin Mayer, Karolin Meunier, Kalas Liebfried, Stefanie Müller, Radio Papesse, Max Radler, Ketty La Rocca, Ruine München, Rudolf Schlichter, Xul Solar, Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv, Kurt Weinhold, Andreas Zeising, H. P. Zimmer

Curated by Karin Althaus and Stephanie Weber

08/04/20 POSTPONED!: PORTS IN TRANSITION, sound performance by Kalas Liebfried
co-produced by Jonas Yamer

Image: Max Radler, Der Radiohörer, 1930 ©Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München

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21.-23. Feb 2020: MOVEMENT (1920 – 2020)

curated by Detach (Voltnoi & Quetempo)

PORTS IN TRANSITION, sound work, commissioned by Goethe-Institute Athens and Onassis Stegi. Partner: Lenbachhaus Munich.

The sound piece „Ports in Transition“ explores the acoustic landscapes of the Mediterranean area as a transitory non-place. The composition is based on field recordings from archives and online databases. A central reference point is a field recording of ship horns at the port of Piraeus: for epiphany, the ships make their horn sound at the same time. During the production process, this material is used for sampling, as signals for modular synthesizers, as well as an instruction manual for alt-saxophone, bass clarinet, trumpet and flugelhorn.

Kalas Liebfried | conception, production, arrangement, synthesizer
Lobo | co-production, mixing, mastering
Ralph Heidel | alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Bastien Rieser | trumpet, flugelhorn
Jonas Yamer | bass guitar
Philip Hutter | modular synthesizer

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19/02/20: AMBIENT AS A METHOD, lecture and listening session at Hyle, Athens

In his lecture and listening session, Kalas Liebfried will give insights into his methodology and artistic research for recent works such as „Ambient for a Silent Forest“ (Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, 2019), „Corps-à-Corps feat. MC Nancy“ (Kunstverein Munich, 2018) and his sound work „Ports in Transition“ for the festival „Movement (1920-2020)“.




ART START 2020: Comfort Zone
group show at Credo Bonum Gallery / Goethe-Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

7.02. – 1.03.2020

For the fourth consecutive year, Credo Bonum Gallery and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria unite in the search of new and interesting artists to follow in the year ahead. 
The curators of this year’s edition are Vesela Nozarova, Lars Norby and Stefka Tsaneva, and the works in the exhibition address the theme „Comfort Zone“.


Radio 80000

Monthly show on Radio 80000: INTONARUMORI – a journey into the world of composed noises and the 21st century ambients. 





New Sound