da vinci landscapes

„Da Vinci Landscapes“, uv print on artificial leather, diptych, each 150cm x 100cm, 2017

The “Da Vinci Surgical System” is a robotic surgical system created by the American company Intuitive Surgical. It is designed to facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach. It is controlled by a surgeon from a console which includes the possibility of long-distance operations. The diptych „Da Vinci Landscapes“ shows two scars from a kidney operation with this surgical system. The artificial intelligance behind the robot allows a great precision, which could never be achieved by human hands. As a consequence the traces of an operation are smaller, smoother and less visible. The micro-photography of the 2cm large scars shows this intervention on the body as a landscape captured from above. The synthetic leather, and its imitation of a skin pattern, doubles the content of the photographic image in a physical way.