Kräfte am Set. Kraft des Kinos with Patrik Thomas & Mathias R. Zausinger @ Public Art Munich, AdbK Munich, 2018




Blind Carbon Copy with Paul Valentin @ AkademieGalerie, Munich


ADD FX with Paul Valentin @ Sluice Biennial, London



BUSINESS BUSINESS  with Mathias R. Zausinger, Patrik Thomas and Stefan Natzel @ Galeria Victoria, Munich

The documentary „Carte Blanche“ goes deep into the Bulgarian history, its well known post war artists and their difficult conditions of production between 1960 and 1989. As a collage out of interviews, reenactments and various found footage (inter alia rare broadcast material), the movie aims to show a diverse image of the difficulties of cultural production under socialism and an abstract portrait of the former Bulgarian aesthetics.


DISCONNECTED with Paul Valentin and Gregor Peschko @ Brooklyn Fire Proof, NYC, USA